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Samsung is launching Samsung Galaxy S8 in India

Samsung Galaxy S8 in India

South Korean Mobile Company Samsung is going to launch Samsung Galaxy S8 in India. A New Device from Samsung, It’s launching event is held in New York at 8:30 Pm IST.

After bad reviews of Samsung Galaxy S7 due to its poor battery quality, it’s a tough task for people to again trust on Samsung new phone. But there is no doubt that Samsung is a brand name and people love it. For sure they have removed the battery issue which people’s are facing in Samsung Galaxy S7. So don’t worry about it. Samsung Galaxy S8 is having a good quality of Battery.

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By some important information which was leaked
I’m Going to tell you all about Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus specification.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specification

Samsung Galaxy S8 in India
Samsung Galaxy S8 
  • Display:  5.8″
  • Resolution:  2160×3840 pixels
  • RAM:  4GB
  • Battery:  3000maH
  • Storage:  128 GB
  • Rear Camera:  16Megapixel
  • OS:  Andriod 7.0

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Specification

Samsung Galaxy S8 in India
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
  •   Display:  6.20.”
  •   Resolution:  2160×3840 pixels
  •   RAM:  4GB
  •   Battery:  3000maH
  •   Storage:  128 GB
  •   Rear Camera:  16Megapixel
  •   OS:  Andriod 7.0

If we talk about the price of the phone than the expected price of Samsung Galaxy S8 in India is 55000 to 6000.

Samsung Galaxy S8 seems to be the best Phone under 60000 Phone looks very great Samsung is now focusing on design part, Not even for high range models but also for low range models you can see the design and overlook of mobiles has been modified. And this change in design has increased the number of sales of Samsung mobiles in India because people here in India love Samsung a lot, but they were get bored off by using same design from last several years. So its a great news for all Samsung Lovers.

Stay Tuned with us will soon Update the Buying link of the Phone with Pros and Cons of the Phone. 🙂

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