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Twitter lite app Launched in India : Can be operated poor cellular network connection

About the twitter lite app

Micro-blogging site and the most favorite social media channel Tweeter have launched a web application for Indian users. They announced that Twitter lite app, it is a lite version of its platform. It can also be operated on poor cellular network connectivity.

Actually, the reason behind launching twitter lite app is only speed optimisation. Yes twitter application was a bit slow and need more storage space along with with more high speed internet speed and consumption, So many people ignore to use twitter app they use it via website but this era is known as a mobile application era and peoples are much interactive with mobile application so somehow twitter was lagging behind in this thing. So finally it launched twitter lite app for all peoples with low storage requirement, fast loading on the even low-speed internet and less data consumption.

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How to Use Twitter-lite app

If I say it in simple word, the new Twitter lite application version can be accessed from the web app. The Twitter user can download twitter app from Google play store, Apple app store or Windows app store.

As per the company announcement the new web-based Lite application can be accessible to anyone. through Smartphone browsers or any tablet browsers. You can use it on your mobile browser by just typing ”

Smartphone browsers or any tablet browsers is the medium to access it. You can use it on your mobile browser by just typing “” in the URL section or just google it by typing “mobile twitter” on google and you will be redirected to the mobile web view version of twitter which is also known as twitter lite app. In case if you face any problem in finding the mobile twitter app than I have mentioned the link in the end of the page please find it over there.

Data saving twitter lite app

The twitter lite Application will be optimized for speed with up to 30% faster launch time. 70% reduce data uses when it was in data saver mode.

It will also reduce 70% data usage when it was used in data saver mode.

Resource link for Twitter Mobile:

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