How to hide whatsapp images and videos from gallery in Android

ASAP..!! Chit-Chat using WhatsApp been a dire need of the day for exchanging data’s, information’s and emotions among all.

Even been more preferable because of its simple and flexible features inherited in it so Whatsapp itself is generally used for messaging app rather than using default text message app as it is even cheapest mode of communication for sharing info in the form of texts, images, audios, videos and even gif’s.

And yes it’s obvious it is not necessary that all the personal photos should be visible in the gallery app which is frequently used even by other members also who disrespect and giggle on some shared WhatsApp entities and we don’t prefer anyone to invade our privacy, so it’s better to put on privacy to it.

And,  Now it’s been easier to put on privacy exactly to hide Whatsapp images and videos, that too just in simple clicks without entertaining the support of any third party app.

Many a time several APPLOCK complexes the processing and even slow down the working of Android phone and many a time the respective images and all still be visible on gallery app or individually.

We have to check for the photos or videos or the data items that are supposed to be hidden and select those to get it locked and even many a times we are unable to recover those photos again..

So, isn’t more hectic to hide WhatsApp images and videos folders just once by following simple steps that too so easily.

It’s  been too simple and flexible using the following steps to hide WhatsApp images and videos

1) For accessing app directory we need any FILE MANAGER app default for an android version or just download ES-FILE EXPLORER file manager for directory access of any file manager app.

File Manager
WhatsApp images hide


whatsapp videos hide


2) Once the ES File Explorer is installed, follow given below steps

  • Go to Es File Explorer
  • Open Home
  • Go to sd card /phone (wherever ) you stores the data
  • open WhatsApp
  • Then after media
apps to hide photos and videos
WhatsApp folder Identification


3) Now in the media folder, sub-folder “Whatsapp-image can be seen.”

  • Long press the Whatsapp image folder
  • You will get the option of rename
  • Tap on the rename option
  • Rename the folder to “.Whatsapp Images” from “Whatsapp image ” (there is just the change of “.”) i.e..,as you will add period to the name of the folder, and it is applicable for all sorts of folders even for WhatsApp videos of an app whose content you want to hide from the gallery to access security to it.
hide whatsapp media

4) Then after check for your gallery app, no Whatsapp image will be seen on it.

5) Thereby, by renaming the folder name the respective WhatsApp images or the WhatsApp videos which are added to period by adding “.” before the name gets disappeared from the gallery app.

Alternative Method to Hide Whatsapp images and videos from Gallery

We can also hide Whatsapp images and videos simply by creating “.nomedia” folder inside this folder

  • We can obtain this by creating new file by clicking on the Plus button “+” and then select the file location
  • And “.nomedia ” folder is created inside the WhatsApp folder.


hide in whatsapp
Nomedia Renaming


  • Then after you can open your Gallery and see for your Whatsapp folder and you will find that the WhatsApp images get invisible and in case  If it is still visible then you are supposed to clear cache for Apps on your Android device.
  • You can clear cache by using the following simple steps
    • Go to the Option Setting
    • Then go to App Manger or Apps
    • You will find the option of Clear cache
    • Then just tap on the respective option
    • The cache data of the respective application gets cleared

Now you can hide WhatsApp images and videos (as opted)  from the default gallery app,  Ya, Don’t  forget to turn off hidden files option.


hide whatsapp images and videos
Cache Clear

HOW DOES IT WORK: Hide Whatsapp images and videos from Gallery

Our Android perform several tasks and even made our work simpler and much easier. The operating system is the heart of an Android without which its processing and performance would not be possible, and its features would not be rectified.

The efficient processing and features of an  Android require the efficient operating system which is based on Linux kernel, and all the functions are performed and sensed over it.

As for hide WhatsApp images and videos,  you are supposed to alter the command of the operating system sense and the WhatsApp images, videos are easily hidden by renaming the folder name as  we just add up the period in front of respective folder’s name, by which the OS considers that  the respective folder is an important system file and so hides it according to the given command to the OS and it senses as per the commands are given.

So, we can easily use this trick for any folder, in any Linux-based operating system.

By default, Whatsapp possesses the specific feature as the WhatsApp is configured to automatically download images, audios, videos or gif’s to your device.

But if you don’t need these images later then you can opt to disable the auto-downloading by going through the simple steps.

  • WhatsApp
  • Menu Button
  • Settings
  • Chat settings
  • Media auto-download.

How to Get The Hidden Whatsapp Folder  Back

For again retaining the hidden folder back again you are supposed to generate command to the operating system

Now, for getting back the images in your gallery, you are just supposed to.

  • remove” the period ( . ) from the folder name.

However, in case if the WhatsApp Image folder is still not visible, then you need to enable ‘show hidden files’ option.

It can be achieved just by following simple steps.

  • Open ES file explorer
  • Swipe the screen for the options
  • An options menu  will appear
  • Look for show hidden file and turn it on.

hide whatsapp images and videos

Then immediately the hidden folders will be seen in the gallery app.

Whatsapp Free Video Call

Yes, you are reading right thing WhatsApp had launched its WhatsApp free video call feature recently. Anyone who uses Android phone and having Whatsapp in it can use this feature by just updating WhatsApp to the latest version.

It has no compulsion of 4g/3g phone you can use it on any android phone.  but it will give you clarity and fast speed to talk easily without interruptions in high speed net. The call quality is quite good as compared to Facebook Messenger  and IMO video calling.

It’s totally free of cost calling all you need an android phone with internet pack. you will get able to place a WhatsApp free video call to your friend or relative. And yes one more thing its also free for international calls.

It’s a good launch by WhatsApp many people were waiting for this feature after it introduced WhatsApp voice calling feature.

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