How to Buy Best Gaming Laptops in the Budget

The first question that comes to our mind when we think of gaming is- what to buy a laptop or a desktop. Gaming legends also have mixed reviews on this matter. But there are certain benefits of buying a gaming laptop, which nobody dares to deny.

The most significant being the portability factor which trumps over everything. And the level of technological advancements in the current scenario, laptops perform at par with high-end gaming desktop.

Therefore, we can say that without a good gaming laptop as a gamer you will feel ill-equipped on the battlefield. For people passionate about gaming, the best gaming laptops with the latest specs and hardware is necessary to enjoy the smoother gameplay.

But as we know higher the specifications, the higher the expenses. Most of us are not ready to invest heavily in gaming devices but don’t want to sacrifice their passion for gaming.

Ever heard of the term refurbished laptop? Yes, my friend, this is where refurbished gaming laptops come in like a fairy godmother.

With refurbished laptops, you can cherish reliable gaming experience without having to compromise your budget. Another benefit is that you can customize the laptop according to your wishes.

The next question that arises is- what specifications should you get? Let us try to learn about the hardware configurations required to ensure amazing gameplay.

Important specifications to look out for

1) GPU

The thumb rule for selecting a GPU is higher the model number, higher the performance. It handles the high frame rates to enable high-resolution games by providing worthwhile gameplay.

Powerful GPUs like GTX 1080 or GTX 1070 are a part of high-end laptops. Entry-level GPUs (e.g. Nvidia GTX 1060 or 1050) offer a decent gaming performance at 1080p frame rates. However, such a GPU with 6GB VRAM is sufficient to handle enough gaming pressure.

2) RAM

Gaming is RAM intensive process. Therefore, the range for appropriate RAM for gaming lies between 8GB to 16GB. The minimum you can get away with is 8GB because beyond that your games won’t run. Although it works well with older games.

If your major concern is playing with worrying about frame rate, then you can only go this far. Whereas modern games require at least 16GB RAM for a smoother experience. If you can’t buy a laptop with 16GB RAM, don’t worry you can upgrade it later.

3) CPU

The processor specification concerns us the most. It determines the functioning of all the non-graphic related aspects. The processor core count tells us all about it. Since we base better gameplay more on GPU than CPU.

Therefore, for budget-friendly, core i5 is the lowermost configuration. People aiming for gaming tournaments require high-powered laptops with six to eight cores or more.

Although the core i7 CPU provides satisfactory performance by utilizing hyper-threading technology to ensure maximum core utilization.

4) Storage

Besides GPU, nothing will work towards enhancing your gaming experience other than SSD. But some budget-friendly gaming laptops also have a 1TB hard drive. It is not uncommon to see them both working in tandem to provide a rich gaming experience.

You can use the SSD to serve as a boot drive. SSD will make a huge difference in loading games and the overall functioning of the laptop. In most gaming laptops, storage are also upgradeable, so if you need more you can buy a larger HDD.

5) Display

The screen specifications are also equally important while buying a gaming laptop. The bigger the screen, the better the gaming experience will be.

The thumb rule of effective gaming is to never compromise on the display and the resolution because it would be worthless to have a high-end configuration laptop coupled with a subpar screen.

6) Keyboard

The keyboard of a gaming laptop has to be solid, not just fancy with blinking lights. Make sure the keyboard has keys with sufficient travel and ample resistance. The minimum key travel of 1.5 is recommended.

The keyboard must be comfortable enough as you will pound on those keys every time you play a game or surf the Web, so you will want it to provide you with the finest movements.

It is better to have access to the keyboard with anti-ghosting features so that several keystrokes at once don’t cause any problem to the keyboard.

Final Words on Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

Buying a gaming device isn’t only about buying a branded laptop, but it includes a lot of tiny but important details. A good quality gaming laptop has all the above-listed features. Therefore, don’t make hasty decisions instead choose wisely for enjoying effective gaming.

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