How to Setup Android Phone right way for the first time

You just bought the phone of your dreams. You are all excited and beaming with excitement. You take it out of the packaging and get the screen protected with the most expensive screen guard and buy your favorite superhero covers for your phone. Now you are all set to use your favorite gadget. Is that something what you do too or you are done with the setup android phone?

Well, then sorry to tell you that protecting your phone with the most expensive screen guard or styling it with the trendiest of covers will not be enough. You also need to set it up in a right way which will ensure that it functions properly in the future. Here are a few tips that will help you set it right and reduce the chances of any malfunctioning in the future:

1) Prep up for downloading:

The first thing that you need to do before you start using your phone for the first time is to make sure that it is properly charged. You are definitely going to spend some time setting up or exploring your phone and you don’t want to keep on running after power points. Also, set up a WiFi network if you don’t want to exhaust all your data pack downloading your favorite games or apps.

2) Log in to Google and let the magic flow

Set up your Google account to ensure that everything syncs according to your needs. This will be the first step towards personalizing your phone and will give access to a number of accounts which will further help you to automatically sync your contacts, calendar, and email. This will be also required for you to be able to access play store.

3) Make your space

It is not a hidden fact that we all love to stock up our phones with apps and games that we love to play or explore. Phones like Xiomi, Redmi, Note 5A or Panasonic Eluga Ray 700 come with a humungous memory of 32GB, which is expandable up to 128GB. So one needs to utilize this space wisely and make the most of it by finding alternatives for your earlier used applications.

4) Secure it right

Nowadays many phones come with fingerprint sensors which allows you to set up your fingerprint as a safe medium to unlock your device. This will ensure that your phone is only accessible to you and hence all your data is safe and secure.

5) Update it all

Although it’s very unlikely to happen once you start using your brand new phone, there can be some pre-installed apps that will be waiting for you to update them. Don’t forget to update all these apps as it will add to the smooth functioning of the phone.

Having told you all about how to set up your phone wisely, I suggest you to never stop exploring your phone, for it will unlock the hidden hacks that are available on every android phone. So keep on exploring and make the most of your favorite device by setting it up right from the very start.