The Best Electric Skateboards Review

The skateboard market has experienced a huge growth in recent years as manufacturers are making them more fun, practical and efficient. For the average city dweller these days, the electric skateboard can become the preferred mode of transportation.

Electric skateboards need to be fast and reliable in terms of stopping power.  The best skateboards are pricey so when you decide on purchasing one you should look for durability and connectivity along with great customer service.

Regrettably, it is not so easy to find inexpensive skateboards that fit all the criteria stated. A good skateboard will cost about $1500 and more, while the less expensive ones can cost $500. The inequality in prices may have you confused but if you need a skateboard that is fun, reliable, durable and highly functional you need to check out the best electric skateboards review.

The best electric skateboard

The best electric skateboard currently on the market is Boosted.  Having been in the market for several years, the company has added its latest version; the Boosted Plus. Fitting the criteria of what is considered the best skateboard, the Boosted Plus is fun, fast, highly durable and flexible.

Durability is the hallmark for Boosted’s skateboards. The longboards can manage hundreds as well as thousands of miles. Like its predecessors, the Plus is super flexible, it won’t break because of its multipart deck, and riding through puddles will not affect its performance.

The Plus is fast, delivering a maximum of 20 miles per hour speed. The stopping power is the best and smoothest among the electric skateboards available on the market, which is just what you need when traveling at 20 mph speed.

When compared with other brands, the Boosted longboards are the easiest to ride. The reason for the ease of ride is due particularly to the four different types of ride it offers. If you are a beginner, you can opt for the slow mode.

The remote for the Plus employs a spring-loaded wheel that makes it go faster and then brake, delivering the right combination of tension and play. This allows easy control of speeding up and stopping.

The wheels of the Plus are the widest the company has ever produced. The traction is just great, which allows for a smooth and steady ride. Go to for more information on skateboards.

While the size of the Plus allows for a stress-free ride, this is also one of its major problems. This sixteen pounder can become tedious to carry around as soon as you hop off.

A bulky charger makes it more challenging to carry around too, but this board’s longer-range helps to minimize the number of trips, whenever you need to take it along with you.

Price is also another drawback for the Plus. The price difference between the Plus and its predecessor is a mere $100. Although there was a decrease in the price of the newest version, this version is still costing more than other competitors’ brands.

Other brands are in the $1000 up price range also, but when it comes to performance and durability, you might want to go for a skateboard that is just a little bit more expensive.

Boosted Mini: The cheaper, smaller option

boosted mini skateboard

The next preferred option is the Boosted Mini, which is the latest shortboard from the company. At 15 pounds, the Mini it is stiffer and it does not offer the same comfortable ride as the Plus.

The starting price for the Mini is $799 for a version having an advertised seven miles range. There is also an extended range version similar to the plus with a 14 miles range at the going price of $999.

Although the Mini in its different versions is Boosted most affordable electric skateboards, they function just like the bigger boards in terms of the app, durability, reliable speedy ride and the ease of carrying it around.

The downside of the mini is in its ride, which is due to the rigid deck, the smaller wheels and rides quality. You need, therefore, to be more careful with roads that are bumpy and have cracks.

If you want to get a Boosted electric skateboard but cannot afford the pricey Plus, you can find a less expensive package in the Mini. It is durable, efficient and easier to carry around.

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