Why HP PRO X2 is a best laptop to buy in India?

With the advent of technology, India is making a space like never before in the field of technology. In this space which is competitive than ever, the use of laptops and its demand are increasing each day. Over 64% of the total population of India uses the laptop for accessing the internet at work or home for personal or professional use. With the years passing by, it is estimated to cross 80% in the next few years. Most of the laptop users in India are professionals. Keeping in mind the need for using the laptop by these users, there are many laptops available in the market. However, the laptop that has been winning hearts for its usability and known for its affordability is HP Pro X2.


Specifications of Hp pro X2

When we say a laptop, it defines portability and what more portability can one ask for with HP Pro-X2. It can be used in four modes- Presentation mode, tablet mode, inking mode and notebook mode.


It had one of the most powerful machines available in India for extensive use with processors in the variants of Intel Pentium 4410Y, 7th generation core i5, i7 and Intel Core M3. One can choose the one he or she needs.


It has 512 GB SSD memory and 8GB DDR3 RAM. The memory is apt for good storage. The RAM is excellent to play not only games like Skyrim released in 2011 but also the latest games on a graphic card.


The screen size is just the way a laptop should be, not too big and not too small with a 12-inch display and protected by Gorilla Glass.The ultra-slim width of the screen can make anyone go crazy for this gorgeous laptop. The resolution of the screen is 1920X1080.


With one complete charge of the laptop, it can be used for up to 11 hours and that’s very important because laptops are meant to be mobile and carrying the charging cord everywhere doesn’t make sense. 11 hours is a decent amount of time to work without any other interruption. It is best suited when you are out for a meeting or conference for the whole day and carrying the adaptor isn’t feasible.The best part is you can charge 50% of the laptop’s battery is less than one hour. It is a great value for saving time which is precious.

Other highlights of HP PRO X2

There is more than one highlight that is associated with this amazing looking HP Pro X2 612 G2. The unique selling point is definitely the MIL-STD 810 G durability certification which certifies it to be resistant from dust, change in temperature, humidity, drop from a limited height, and functional shock or freeze. Listed are more highlights.

  • HP Active Wacom Pen Stylus to enable notes making while in a presentation or important meetings
  • The battery is a 4 cell one that enhances charging at a higher speed than other laptops
  • Fingerprint sensor is an optional feature that people may like to use
  • The weight is 1.2 kg which is perfect for regular carrying without causing any trouble to the shoulders

Cheap Shopping Sites to Buy laptops in India

Apart from this laptop, there are more for sure that might lure anyone with the price that is cheaper and a better option for buyers. One point that shouldn’t be ignored is that the quality matters and there can be no comparison in terms of quality with HP Pro X2. Users have rated it well owing to its battery and efficiency.

Dell XPS 13 is a competitor of this laptop as it comes at approximately the same price as that of HP Pro X2. It is also powered by the window like that of HP.

If you do a close survey and research of the laptops available, you will find the cheapest as well the most expensive ones. Sometimes, the most expensive one too doesn’t have the requisite that you might be looking for. On the other hand, the cheapest might have almost all the features and miss on a few.

With the HP Pro X2, one will be able to avail everything at a price that is unbeatable and utility that is beyond explanation.

It is a versatile laptop that has what you have been looking for. Be it the specs or be it the price, you will fall for it in the first look. The tablet and notebook feature make the laptop one of the most desired laptops in India in the year 2017. Today is the world of multi-task and when you can do so much with one device, why would one want to go for anything else?


Conclusion on Hp Pro x2

The laptop is a competition that never ends and every month, we hear about a new laptop that makes an entry in the market. After all the specs and review details of HP Pro X2, it is intriguing and satisfying to know of a laptop that is two in one and yet does so much more than merely a laptop. So go for it and cross-check the words.

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