Mobile App Revolution: How mobile app development comes as a revolution?

The modern-day phones are far majestic and have undergone a mobile app revolution from the start of the 21st century. From just making calls to video calling on the go, Smartphone’s are the modern day boon to the society. Mobile phones are not quite smart and there is a reason for which they are called Smartphones.

With tremendous features and functionality from these platforms, the mobile apps have become much more stable, enhanced and have particularly found a way to stay in the hearts of Smartphone users.

According to a survey, nearly 87% of the Smartphone users spend their time on using mobile apps and only 13% spend it on the browser. Also, with the option of in-app purchases, app developers can generate some amount of money from their built apps.

Looking at the giant stride, the mobile industry has made in the past 8 years, things have changed drastically and made an impact in the global market. Also, with different online stores open, users can download their suitable apps either paid or free and can enjoy the lure benefits of any apps to a great extent.

Reasons for the Mobile App development Revolution

There cannot be one single reason for the mobile app development revolution. Many factors must have contributed to making this movement successful all over the world. Better Smartphones, advanced development of mobile apps, organized marketplace where users can buy their favorite mobile apps and timely updates are some essential factors which contributed to mobile app development revolution. While some most important ones are as follows:

1) M-Commerce

Gone are the days when people waited in lines to buy their favorite goods. In today’s fast-track world, m-commerce is known as the next generation e-commerce which has enabled the buying of goods and services with the help of a hand-held device. Thus, users are finding it more convenient to buy their favorite stuff without having a necessity to plug-in. Even, the m-Commerce has given users the flexibility to purchase their essentials irrespective of their location which stands to be the biggest USP.

2) IoT

Ever imagined your different kinds of stuff to be solely controlled by Internet? Well, the IoT is on the edge of bringing in this kind of scenario. In the environment of IoT, with the help of apps, users can control a vast number of devices which ranges from manufacturing to agriculture firms.

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Although it has come into a significant position, it is expected that it will take in some amount of investment, device growth and a high return on Investment to give its contribution in the mobile app revolution.  Being said that, IoT will surely be the next big thing in this world. So many IoT App development companies evolve in the market and offering great IoT solution.

3) Mobile Apps acting as wallet

If we look at the earlier days, cash was the only option for payments. Be it a single needle or huge machinery, everything was done in a cash-oriented environment. But, with mobile apps being a savior for all of us, they can be used as an online wallet. Well, this may sound like a fairytale but it has been made possible in the 21st century. Supporting such type of revolution, many mobile app development companies have made certain payment apps which can be used for multiple purposes.

PayPal is one of the successful growing mobile wallets in the world.  In the recent days, shares of PayPal increased to 89% so far in 2017 which made it the biggest mobile wallet and is on a growing scale in the nearby future.

4) NFC

Despite the future seems to be a promising one, PayPal, Google, Master card has already embarked the use of Near Field Communication. With such procedure, it will be possible to communicate without any requirement of an Internet Connection.

NFC comparison in the market

Every OS maker in the mobile industry has something which gives a competitive fight to NFC. Be it Google Wallet or even Samsung Wallet, they also offer the same functionality with connectionless transactions.

5) VR/ AR

To combine the illusionary world with reality, Virtual reality or Augmented Reality has played a vital role in the same cause. It has helped people to enter into the world of imagination and see things differently. For the same purpose, plenty of the VR apps have come out to give users an amazing experience

Some of these apps include Google Cardboard for Android, YouTube VR, Netflix VR and much more are there in the line-up.

Currently, the Virtual reality is focused on the head mounted displays as well as World-fixed display which can give an intensified experience to the users.

6) NatWest App Revolution

NatWest introduced Face ID for mobile app log-in in which the iPhone X users will be able to use facial recognition technology to get an access to their mobile App. The biggest revolution in the mobile world.

Closing thoughts on mobile app revolution

Judging the way, the mobile app development is on an increasing rate, the time is far near when it will soon surpass the desktop systems by a huge margin in terms of revenue, popularity and user base.