Radar: The location platform for mobile apps

We are living in the world of gadgets and devices where our life revolves around technology. Have you observed that the technology we were using 5 years back and the technology we are using now how drastically got changed? Advancement in the technology is a rapidly growing and it is getting enhance day by day.

Earlier we were using Landline phones to talk to our friends and relatives than it took many years to convert that landline into a mobile phone, And then we converted into touchscreen phone, than Smartphone and it’s still going on.

In the growing stage of mobile phone and its usage, there is one more advancement in mobile technology has been done by Radar the location-based platform for mobile apps. Let’s discuss it what is Radar, how it works and how it is beneficial to you?

What is Radar?

Radar is a location platform for mobile apps, It helps in making more advanced use of location services in mobile apps. It provides tools which allow app development companies and app developers to add location tracking and context to their apps. Basically, it gives your app capabilities of changing the app behavior based on user location.

Lets understand its use with the help of example: Suppose you are having a travel app and you are using Radar integration in the app, Now suppose your app user is travelling to one place so based on his location  your app can send him/her push notifications of nearby  Restaurants, Hotels, Traffic update, weather updates, Parks, etc. In the same way, your app inbuilt UI will also get changed and it will start showing data according to the user location.

How does it work?

Radar Provides Android and iOS toolkits, So app developers can simply integrate their SDK in there app and then they will be able to use this features in the app. To build these kinds of features from scratch will take more than 3 weeks but if you are using it through Radar than it’s not even a one hour job for you.

Radar have their three products

  • Geofencing

Geofencing Radar will tell you when a user enters in custom regions that you draw on a map. It allows you to draw custom regions in many shapes like circles or polygons, And that custom regions might represent neighborhoods, stores or anything depends upon your case.

  • Insights

It gives you user live location and tells you about user behavior like a user is at home, at work or traveling somewhere.

  • Places

Radar is having some predefined list of places, chains, and category so it will show you whenever user enters into any of  those places  like if user enters to MacDonald’s, airport or anywhere which is stored in the list it will show about that and you can send customized push notifications to him/ her accordingly.

Radar technology is used in many apps like Parker Via, SeatGeek, Chick-fil-A, Raise.

Videos By Radar Customers may Help you to understand better about Radar

How is it beneficial to you?

If you know the behavior of your app user based on his location you can give him customised push notifications and change app behavior which will help you to grow your business faster. Most of the apps are not aware of this technology that we can use location services in such a way instead of just using it on the map to navigate.