Measuring the success of your start-up using your mobile app

Now that you’ve got your mobile app development company up and running and bagged a couple of projects, its time to know how successful you’ve been with your venture. Just the number of mobile app launches and their popularity in the market isn’t enough to measure your success.

Start-ups are notorious as they tend to fail most of the times and the failure rate is at a staggering 90% which is why knowing what to look for when gauging your performance is important. If you’ve launched a single app and it is doing well, you need to plan for its continued success and keep monitoring it regularly.

Analytics and engagement are the key to its success and thus consequently the key to your mobile app development company’s success. So, here are a couple of things that you should keep a constant vigil on to ensure your success; read on.

#1: User Engagement – the key to survival

User engagement isn’t just one single thing that you can do and consider yourself on the right track. You need a variety of metrics to understand if a user likes your app or not and then based on the results work on improving your connect with the user.

It is imperative to take a deep look into the various metrics such as session length, session interval, app purchases, user response and so on to gauge what your user likes and whether he/she is finding it in your mobile app.

#2: User demographics and behaviour metrics

Every marketing campaign targets a specific user set – users in a specific age group, location, language and so on. Collecting such data about your users can help you understand what your demographic is and whether your targeted demographic is responding to your app as expected.

Localization based on these derived metrics can help you increase the number of downloads for your app in the target audience group. Similarly understanding user behaviour can help you read patterns and understand who your active users are and how best you can market your app and keep them engaged.

The fundamental thing while doing a behavioural study is to understand that everyone who downloads your app may not be an active user. Getting this data right can help you reduce the number of users who stop using your app and also give you the right numbers that you should be using to compute other metrics.

#3: User feedback

We’ve all experienced this question with apps, websites and every kind of service provider out there – how likely are you to recommend <service/service provider> to friends and family? This is called the NPS or the Net Promoter Score and this score is vital to understand whether your app has indeed reached the right TG and how well it is performing in the market.

The questions in a user feedback survey are typically directed to elicit a specific response from the user. Some questions have to do with whether the user likes the product/service while others are aimed at receiving detailed responses such as pain points, what could be better, what went wrong and so on.

Analyzing the user feedback and applying it improve your app can help you ensure that your app is successful and understand what can be done to improve its reach.

#4: Measuring quality

Quality is another thing that you need to keep constant tabs on and improve. Bugs are going to be present in even the best apps out there and how you deal with them will set you apart from the rest.

App crashes, user feedback on popular play stores on different platforms, reviews, manual feedback – collect every kind of data to help you improve quality. Working on bugs proactively and quickly will ensure that your app is a success among users.

There is not a single app out there that isn’t free of bugs! Deal with it quickly and ensure that your user has a smooth experience with your app.

With all the above tips, you can gauge how good your app is and consequently arrive at how successful app is on every mobile application platform. Make changes to your app based on these metrics and your app is sure to succeed in every mobile app platform out there.

Author Bio: Pranay Agrawal is an entrepreneur, tech-enthusiast and the co-founder of MobileCoderz Technologies. He has helped many a start-up build and execute their mobile strategies and has helped companies storm the mobile app market and revolutionize their business. Pranay Agrawal occasionally dabbles in writing about technology, strategies for mobile app development and latest trends that are ruling the tech industry.