How Automation can fill gap between Resources and Security in Cloud

In the traditional computing environment, the resources were a centralized asset of an organization. It requires an enormous money investment and time to establish and maintain your mini data center.

In earlier days maintaining such colossal infrastructure was not an easy task for smaller or new businesses. Cloud has emerged as a robust solution to these problems.

Now replacing these ways of computing paradigm the end user can utilize resources and services from the public cloud instead of setting up a small-scale infrastructure.

Cloud provides services for individuals, large or small enterprises as a public utility. Everyone can efficiently use the cloud; the only need is an internet facility and a device to connect remotely.

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Cloud introduced automation of resources with advanced artificial intelligence to overcome the difficulties faced by the scalability and other operating procedures.

Cloud computing shares resources, data, and software over a network. The data is stored on physical storage server which is maintained by the vendor.

The information stored in the cloud can be accessed from any location and anytime. Now people prefer cloud storage rather than hard drives which provides safe storage for a shorter time.

When we talk about cloud storage services the very first thing shows up in mind is backup and recovery. Your data is replicated and stored in multiple locations for providing a safe and reliable solution because information is the crucial unit of an organization.

Data storage offered by the service provider is flexible and scalable enough to add or remove storage according to users need.

Out of all these outstanding services the only question rise is that our data is secure? Afterall it lies on the internet which is the most insecure place in the world. Cloud storage is not entirely safe.

Increase in the number of cyber attacks every year makes user little anxious about their sensitive information. These insecurities can count the accidental loss of data from the data center or data breach in the network.

If you are planning to start a new business or you are already running one, then you must need infrastructure support to manage all your business operations over the internet.

You can count on cloud-based fully automated virtual infrastructure service rather than engaging yourself in buying physical resources which increases your investment.

Here you can add any useful asset ranging from an operating system to unlimited storage. Its automated load balancer will automatically manage pressure on your designed machine by equally distributing the load on other machine depending upon the traffic.

You can install an operating system of your choice with an unlimited processing unit which can be configured on your demand. The price for using these services depends upon their use. You’ll only pay for what you use; there will be no extra cost calculated including maintenance and support.

The outstanding services offered by cloud includes monitoring and alarm feature for handling your resources. You can set limits and tag alarms for getting continuous notifications for acknowledgment.

It will send you the complete information about managing and observing your resources so that you can stand safe and secured in the fast-growing environment. Identity and access management can help to achieve a high level of security in your business operations.

It provides credentials for accessing a resource which is assigned by the primary user to achieve maximized security.

To help you with the cyber breach or any other complicated scenario a customer support team is always available which quickly respond to your query anytime. Cloud user can also face difficulties in case of cyber attacks.

One of the most common and widely used attack technique used by hackers is Denial of Service. Sometimes attackers flooded the victim’s machine by sending a vast amount of spoofed traffic which cannot be handled by the virtual machine.

In such scenarios, the machine resources get exhausted and stop serving to the client’s request. A lot of service providers offer proper solution against DoS attack. Sometimes the attack is performed from the distributed network making it difficult to trace.

The very last and most important concern about cloud security is account details compromisation. If an attacker gets user’s account credentials, then he can manipulate or update data, access financial information or steal other sensitive data.

With stolen credential, an attacker can also destroy your whole infrastructure and services from your network.

Few organizations prefer hybrid cloud for managing their work operations because it helps them to keep their sensitive information on private cloud and other data over public cloud.