All you need to know about Google Maps Marketing

Google Maps Marketing is an essential tool when you need to target local audience. It helps you reach local people and spread awareness about your brand.

You don’t need to break the bank for including Google Maps Marketing. Opting for services from YEAH! Local can ease out the complicacy, that too at a great cost. If you don’t know much about Google Maps Marketing, we will tell you all about it below.

What is Google Maps Marketing?

Google Maps Marketing is a marketing process where you can use Google Maps to promote your business.

When customers search for relevant keywords that relate to your business, they can find you in high ranks. In simple words, the facility helps your business appear high on Google Maps.

When someone looks for products or services similar to what you provide, your website or business details will come in front of them.

When you type a specific keyword, you are likely to get Google Maps listed on the search results. They tend to have organic search results. It is essential that you rank high and relate your products and services to the search terms people provide.

How to effectively use Google Maps Marketing?

If you want to feature your business on Google Maps, you have to create a listing for Google My Business. This gets your verified by Google. Google My Business is a free tool that Google offers for business to manage an online presence.

Now, the local results are based on three aspects – relevance, distance, and position. Google connects these aspects to determine Google Maps ranking. You need to optimize the Google My Business listing to make Google establish relevance and position of the business.

The following aspects help you optimize the Google My Business listing:

1.Enter Complete Data

You need to enter accurate data of your business and that has to include the address, category, phone number, and more. You have to make sure that the information on always updated.

For example, when you add your address to the Google My Business profile, you need to use USPS-approved address or postal service applicable to your locality.

2.Verify location

You need to verify your business to get good ranking on Google Maps. Usually, Google sends you a postcard with the pin to your address so that you verify it online.

Some businesses qualify for cellphone verification as well. You need to find out if you get such a privilege or not.

3.Mention accurate hours

You need to enter opening hours precisely. It helps you get potential customers and know the time they can get in touch with you.

It also helps Google study the relevancy of your firm. If you have your business open on special hours or holiday seasons, you have to mention that too.

4.Manage and reply to reviews

Reviews on Google matter a lot as they are the direct responses from people who have used your products and services. You need to encourage happy clients and reply to them. You might also give their businesses reviews in return.

There are going to be negative reviews as well, and you can’t do anything about it. You must reply to them as per Google’s guidelines and settle the grievances. You must respond to negative reviews more than the positive ones.

5.Build backlinks and local citations

You need to provide quality backlinks and local citations for building prominence for the business. It supports the process of Google Maps Marketing. You should never settle for low-quality links.

This is simply because your position online plays a crucial role in the search results. You need to follow the right SEO practices to go on top of the ranking for Google Maps.