Best 5 Mobile Security Apps in 2017- Download it and save your Personal Data

Mobile security has been transforming into a major concern. Smartphones have frequently confronted criticism for security issues and malware. Fragmentation has also been accountable for security problems. In spite of the fact that most of the technologies are trying to provide a complete safe platform for mobile devices but still it requires time. There’s still a great depending on the crowds of mobile security apps available in the expensive Google Play store. Some of the applications are well enough in anti-virus features and offer more tools like managing passwords, remote locking and location tracking etc.

Smart phone users are at risk as their confidential and sensitive data are kept in small handheld devices, they need to protect such type of data from being miss used by other persons and from malware attack. As internal security is important for mobile devices so user uses security apps for internal protection similarly external protection is also important so user uses Phone cases for external protection.

Here are 5 best Mobile Security Apps in 2017

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#1 AVL-Mobile Security App

Some of the users are most probably wants malware protection that is a basic need. If you don’t want to locate or lock device when it is lost then AVL is best. It provides only protection against the virus.

This application scored a 99.8 percent detection rate for Android malware in the most recent tests. AV-Test likewise discovered performance was great with no undue effect on speed or battery life. AVL can scan an assortment of file formats beyond APKs and it’s intended to be quick and productive.

Other helpful components incorporate a call blocker to prevent noxious numbers from contacting you, and additionally an anti-phishing feature to prevent unsafe sites from loading.

#2 AVAST- Mobile Antivirus

Avast’s antivirus and safety package are one with most features at one place. Avast anti-virus is an app that takes care of RAM booting and junk cleaning on a mobile device. It provides real-time scanning; also having the ability to check the security of current Wi-Fi connection and to speed up the browsing.

Avast has an option to lock specific apps and it provides a web shield that scans URLs for malware. If a user has a primary concern about malware protection and safe browsing then definitely it will be a right app for such kind of users.

#3 Kaspersky

Kaspersky is another remarkable name in the antivirus space and their antivirus applications are intensely well known.  It has a free version and a paid version with extra features.

The features of free version include scanning for malware and viruses while the paid version has the feature of real-time protection, antiphishing, cloud protection, and anti-theft, in addition, features like sounding an alert to help locate your lost gadget.

#4 Norton

Norton Security Antivirus is another well-known desktop shield platform that has been the move to mobile security platform. It has the capability to blocks and eradicates malware both on-request and in real-time.

It additionally offers the now-familiar app guide feature that informs you regarding protection risks in an understandable manner.

One thing that none of the others offer however Norton does is a truly convenient feature that coordinates with Google Play to display you any notifications regarding an application before you download it; so you can check whether the app you’re going to install hogs battery, utilize huge data or any other kind of potential hazard.

Norton premium version offers 30-day free trial version, which unlocks all features but after that user has to make payment yearly.

#5 Lookout

A lookout is a default option for some users since this antivirus app is pre-installed on numerous Android gadgets. Gratefully, this pre-installed anti-virus app manages its task very well. The free version incorporates antivirus, anti-malware, and anti-theft security. The paid Apps provides a lot of features more than the free apps.

Paid version has the ability to generate Anti-theft notifications, web browsing security, a private guide, and data backup maintenance. It’s not a terrible alternative and it’s much lighter than numerous other security suites. It’s not incredible as it is pre-installed on devices but its performance is well to compete with other security apps.

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Conclusion on Mobile Security Apps in 2017

Mobile users have priorities regarding the mobile security apps; user wants to use that app which resolves their all issues regarding the security of mobile. All mobile security apps are the competitor of each other, different mobile technologies are trying to explore more suitable security app under the consideration of user demands. Users have lots of option to choose any technology due to the diversity in technologies like Oracle and Apple etc.