Top 5 Apps to Download Paid Mobile Apps & Games in Free

With the booming industry of Android and iOS, the development of various android games is also booming! Today we have over billions of Android games available for us for great graphical as well as a gaming experience. Now some of these games are available to users for free! Many of these games also have in game purchases! But don’t worry now after reading this complete article you will be able to download paid apps for free.

So now what is this concept of in-game purchase?? The purchase of goods and services from an application on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet is called in-game purchase! This In-app purchase allows developers to provide their application for free, while it also provides a facility to upgrade for anyone who downloads the free version.

App developers always keep on upgrading and adding features and content to the apps! Now some of them are available under app update but not all! Rest are under In-game purchase!  With some apps, you can buy additional content or services within the app. Here are some examples of in-app purchase:

  • A card that unlocks next level without completion of tasks.
  • A gun that will give soldier more power and features.
  • The virtual currency that can be used for purchases.
  • Removal of advertisement
  • From the top trending game clash of clans the diamonds which boost the time required for any task.

Use these Top 5 Apps to download Paid Apps for Free

download paid apps for free

1) Creehack

Creehack is such a tool which provides you different choices when it comes to using or accessing additional features of your Android games! Creehack tool is useful when it comes to accessing games for free where a user needs to make a purchase.

This tool works for most games for Android users, hence they can download the app and start using it. In android games, one has to make purchases if he/she wants the character to have more ability in the game, not just character but any feature of the game to get more ability and upgrades.

These purchases come at a high price, hence Creehack provides an option for one to make these purchases without paying with cash. There is no limit in acquiring or using the tool or duration. To make this possible, one has to download the app and make it run in the background.

When running the game, the tool will synchronize with the game so that one can buy that power that cost a lot of credits. In a nutshell, lives, coins, levels, and gems can be purchased for free using Creehack.

2) Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is another such tool that allows you to make the in-game purchase for free! Lucky Patcher is a tremendous and ultimate android application which allows you to remove ads, break the different app, Android Market License Confirmation or other Confirmations for the applications.

The app is developed by Chelpus. Lucky Patcher application plays an important role for Rooted Android Device. However, it not  100% guaranteed because it sometimes it can cause issues to your mobile device. Through this app, you can easily remove the Google ads.

3) Leo play card

Leoplay card is also amongst the top apps that allow you to make free in-game purchases. LeoPlay Card is the very different from apps we have seen such as  CreeHack, lucky Patcher, Freedom, etc. It works on many apps like an idiot, Pinball HD, and so on.

It is 100% primarily based mostly on CreeHack and lucky patcher which means its foundation or base is very similar to them. It includes an inbuilt unfastened card equal to CreeHack, which can be utilized on Google Play. This feature makes it better than Freedom or lucky Patcher because it does not require Root or patching.

4) Freedom

Freedom is the another such application on the list. This app requires Root access. It is an application for making loose In-App Purchase (IAP). You can download freedom apk to make a fake installment from the google wallet or at any price that is the aspect that it reveals to us and offers us our fancied thing from that particular application. Now not for purchasing applications from play-shop.

5) Amazon Underground

Now we all want to make those in-game purchases but it is very costly! So this app Amazon underground makes everything available for us that too for free!

Amazon Underground is simple: it’s a collection of apps and games in the Amazon Appstore that are “Actually Free”. That means they’re free to download, and every single in-app purchase is also free.  That means you can buy a box full of diamonds worth a huge amount in INR or USD just for 0$ or 0rs. Basically, it’s just like the Google Play version of the app, but everything is free all the time. And it’s all legal.

There is just one thing one needs to note that though it is similar to play store it’s not the play store, which means that only those games are available on it with which Amazon has done deals! And offers on only these games are available!

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