Gif Making Apps for Android: 6 Best Gif Creator Apps for Android Phone

GIF’s are the latest trend jeopardizing on social media platforms. The best part of GIF is that it is short and shows various expressions in a short time. Now there is so many GIF making apps for android phone present in the market and we will also gonna talk about best GIF creator Apps in this article.

GIF’s are a replacement of the long videos that can be funny, hilarious and sometimes serious. It is good to view a funny moving picture, then grab your chance to make your own! That is irresistible. Move down to know how.

Gif’s are mostly funny and speaks more than a photo and is less time consuming as compared to a video. The downloading time is less and gives great LOL moments. Create your own GIF using these Android apps and spread smiles by uploading them. Check the below list to find your desired app.

Gif Making Apps for Android: Here are Best Gif Creator Apps for Android Mobiles

1. Camera MX

Gif Creator Apps
Camera MX

Also a camera app, this app allows you to record short durations of videos and photos. Just insert your photo or video and the app performs the rest of the work. Get full resolution, JPEG format Gif. Experience the best features by activating the display flash of your front camera, pause the recording to find the rotating camera grid.

Download Camera MX!

2. Gif Maker

Gif Creator Apps
Gif Maker

The popular gif creating apps is capable of cutting and cropping videos directly from your gallery to create gifs. Create a fantastic gif using 200 photos; add up to 100 stickers, text and more. Manage, create and share your gif to your social sites and get ‘WOW’ moments. It has bugs but is fun to create and loaded with several features for creating and serves various sharing options.

Download Gif Maker!

3. Footej Camera

Footej Camera
Footej Camera

This robust camera app provides features like manual camera controls, burst shot mode, integrated gallery app, photo histogram, slow motion recording, snapshot during recording and likewise. Create high-quality gif with the help of photos or videos you clicked. Feel free to share your gif’s using the Android camera 2 API and explore the simple user interface.

Download Footej Camera!

4. GIF Studio

Gif Making Apps for Android
GIF Studio

Old is Gold!  This app perfectly defines this fact. It is the older GIF creator apps. Gif app has a whole new spectrum of features including slideshow animations, 21 effects, GIF collage, editing options, transparent color supports, stickers and such. Update the app frequently to get new features. Try the free version or buy it forking out for $0.99.

Download GIF Studio!

5. Giphy Cam

Gif Making Apps for Android
Giphy Cam

The new gif creator app is developed by Giphy. Record a short segment as you desire using your camera and filter your video using special effects, stickers, text and likewise. Giphy Cam comprises of five-shot burst mode using the video mode. Known to be the best GIF app irrespective of any camera features, but gives you the best gif experience.

Download Giphy Cam!

6. Motion Stills

Gif Making Apps for Android
Motion Stills

This GIF creator that caters to capture short videos and replace them with a beautiful cinema graphs with the help of advanced stabilization and latest technology. Prepare a 3-second clip by condensing a minute clip using fast forward mode. Create movies with combinations of several clips, share as looping GIF’s or videos to your friends.

Download Motion Stills!

Conclusion on GIF Making Apps for Android

Love playing mischief? Download em’ ol! All the above Gif apps are just perfect to get rid of boredom. Try your hands on any of these Android apps and fall in love with gif making. Convert your videos into a gif using advanced features offered and allure your audience with cool filters provided in these apps.