All About Dashboard Camera: 7 Things to Consider Buy A Car Dashboard Camera

A dashboard camera is a necessary accessory when driving a truck to earn a livelihood. Dash cameras provide the truck drivers with strong irrefutable evidence on everything that is happening on the road. Choosing the right dash camera can prove hard, So that why we have written a complete article on best dash cam for truckers.

Here are some of the best dashboard camera for truckers

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1) Oldshark FHD 1080P 3-Inch Car Dash Camera

It is able to film in a higher resolution and comes with a parking guard technology.

2) GJT T161 2.7’’ Slim Car Camera

Ultra-slim body made of aluminum and has 3-axis G-sensor locking the footage whenever there is unusual movement.

3) FalconZero F170 HD+ GPS DashCam

Begins recording as soon, as the truck is in motion avoiding the worry of, forgetting to turn the device on.

4) Timetec 62RHG680-B8G

It boasts G-sensor technology, GPS function and has external microphone.

5) AUSDOM Dash Cam A261

Records clear images with superior night vision capabilities.

6) Goluk T2

Equipped with Wi-Fi Capabilities allowing sharing of the footage through Facebook or email.

Comes with G-sensor and Google Maps GPS technology great at tracking the truck’s routes.

8) REXING X300

Offer good night vision and its battery has the approval to work in extreme weather conditions.

9) itrue X3 Dash Cam

Equipped with an 8GB micro SD card making it ready to use out of the box with a super 170-degree angle recording.

10) iTRUE X6D Dual Car Dash Pro Stealth Design

Equipped with both front and rear dash cam allowing the front and back view of the vehicle simultaneously.

11) WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam

Offer clear and crisp image and the 3-inch screen display images in real time.

Things To Consider When Buying A Dashboard Camera

5 best dash cams
5 best dash cams

1) Quality Of The Recorded Video

This is a priority when buying a dashboard camera. Video quality is the clarity and sharpness of the recorded video. The price of a basic high definition camera is low in comparison with a high-resolution camera. The high-resolution camera offers distinguished and more details on the scene images, especially at night. For high-quality recording use a camera, that shoots at least 1080p and uses a glass lens instead of plastic.

The lens captures the light and focuses the image onto the sensor. Better lenses produce sharper, less distorted and clear videos. The f-number normally represents the size of the aperture. The lower number is better as it stands for a wider aperture, letting more light in and increasing the clarity.

The image sensor contributes to a high-quality recorded image. The image sensor gathers light and turns it into a digital signal for the processor. Better sensors assure more light sensitivity and reduce noise.

A dashboard camera with 1080p resolution can capture more than enough details of car number plates, road signs, and streetlights. In case of hit and run, the camera can capture the license number plates of the runaway car making identification easier. They offer better visibility in low light and it is helpful if another car bumps into yours, the video footage will be good.

2) Continuous Loop Recording

The continuous loop recording ensures that the dash camera continues to record to when the memory is full. When storage is full, the camera records over the oldest videos ensuring you get the footage for the last few hours.

With continuous looping, there is an option of saving the earlier recording if the need arises. The loop recording function of the dash cam should automatically start and stop; start when the car starts and stop when the car ignition stops.

3) G-Force Sensors

G-force measures a change in the car movement. A sudden change of the car movement, for instance, in an accident, hand braking or movement when stationery; triggers the designated response. They record whatever footage was being recorded at the time of the accident instead of looping over it. G-sensor can trigger the camera to start recording when the car is parked to record a case of hit and run or vandalism.

The period and sensitivity of the G-forces is adjustable. The greatest benefit of the G-sensor is the ability of the dash cam automatically store important footage without the driver’s intervention.

4) Memory Capacity

Not all dashboard cameras come with the memory card slot. Ensure you acquire one with a memory card slot when you can insert the memory card to boost the storage space. Ensure the camera has an internal storage memory to act as backup when the memory card is full.

When going for a long distance trip it is recommended to have a memory card of at least 32GB. This will at least offer eight hours of recording. The memory card should be easily accessible and removable without interrupting with the mounting of the camera.

The transfer speed of the memory card is very important. The speed at which the memory card read and writes data is crucial in capturing data for a smooth playback of the recording.

5) Size Of The Camera

Large cameras may obstruct sight small cameras are safer. A small camera discretely placed behind the rearview mirror or on the windshield escape notice. The size of the dashboard camera can change due to additional features such as a dual lens for recording roadway and inside of the car and built-in display for real-time viewing.

6) Built-In Batteries

The in-built batteries are very important because they ensure if the camera loses, power due to an accident, there is saving of the footage and the camera can shut down without losing the files.

When the car is in parking mode the camera should be charged enough for recording. Some dashboard cameras require a constant connection to the charger. Meaning they cannot operate when the car is parked. In this case, ensure that the inbuilt battery can work long enough on its own.

7) GPS

GPS automatically records the car location and speed matching them to the other recordings. Dashboard cameras that come with the GPS feature come with the software to read recordings. This feature allows one to replay the video on a computer while showing the location on an online map.

One can use the footage to fight driving infraction by recording the image plus location.

Other Important things you should consider before buying Car Dash Cam

  1. Price
  2. Discreteness
  3. Lock file button
  4. Dash Cam Auto Start and Stop
  5. Installation
  6. Apps and Wi-Fi
  7. l Mounting methods
  8. Video formats

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