Add an extra pair of eyes with these 5 Best Dash Cams in 2017

Dash cams, although seems like a new kid on the tech block these days, But these kids can save your life by making your drive safer. Check out our list of 5 best dash cams in 2017.

Dash Cams are quite an efficient thing to boast off. They offer something that was till date an unsolved enigma, a practical option for video records of driving.

This extra pair of eyes, i.e., dash cams have become an integral part of a modern day driving where the need to record one’s driving patterns come handy when analyzing safe driving patterns and reducing the risks. It’s no brainer why they are selling like hot cakes these days.

Down here we’d be lining up a few top picks from the lineage of best dash cams in the form of 5 different options.

Here are 5 Best Dash cams in 2017 for your car

5) Cobra CDR 900E 

An excellent piece to have, this dash cam comes in the bracket of all bells and whistles whereby live streaming can be done with it. The camera comes with wide angle option at 160-degree and has a Super HD 1296p resolution.

It can be linked with the help of built-in Wi-Fi to the iOS or any of Android device for instant view and share. You can also control the settings via the menu option in your smartphone. However, the GPS isn’t as standard as

Price- $ 231

4) Mio MiVue 688

An impressive dash cam integrated with Sony Sensor inside, this piece packs in a compact casing. It has a 140-degree wide camera with a Full HD resolution. The camera has a 2.7-inch touchscreen along with GPS tracking.

It comes with lifetime speed limit notifications. The only downside would be the absence of built-in Wi-Fi so as to connect your smartphone directly to the camera.

Price- $ 185

3)NextBase Duo TwinCam

Rather than a single dash cam, this one integrates two cameras with a 2.7 inch LED touch screen. The camera records the driving activities in two directions and provides evidence of the same.

The cameras are 14 megapixels in quality and offer 720p resolution. It has an inbuilt GPS. These two cameras sync the videos and showcase it simultaneously.

Price- $ 230

2) Thinkware F770

A fully non-intrusive dash cam, this one known as Thinkware F770 features great video quality and a fine-tuned night mode too. The camera is a 1080p resolution one and comes with pre-equipped GPS.

It doesn’t have a touchscreen, but that means you can hide it behind the rear view mirror with ease too. It has lifetime safety camera, speed alerts, GPS tracking and much more like safety warnings for acts like lane departure. Furthermore, the built-in Wi-Fi will also allow you to connect it to your smartphone.

Price- $ 299

1) ProofCam RAC 05

Placed at the top of the hilt is the one from ProofCam modeled as the RAC 05. The piece comes with one of the most fully-fledged functionality. It has a Super HD 1296p resolution and features a 150-degree full view offering camera.

The dash cam has a 2.7-inch LCD touchscreen and is equipped with GPS too. The camera will provide lifetime speed warnings. The battery levels offer outstanding performance.

Price- $ 149.99

What’re your thoughts on these? Share us your top pick among these down below in the comment section and let us know about it?

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