An all Weather Navigation Device with precise navigation

Your next hiking trip, your next excursion, or the next workout can be smarter. Welcome Lechal, the fitness tracking insoles. These will slide right into your athletic shoes and provide you with precise navigation as you move. You will not have to look at your device at all. These insoles will deliver simple vibrations to your feet so you know when to turn even without data connectivity. It can also track your fitness and count your steps. Lechal is more than a device for your hiking gear. It will also record the distance you have traveled and sync with the app after the workout. Lechal has a battery life of up to 15 days on a single charge that is helpful for weather navigation device.

A device for Weather navigation

Therefore, whether it is the city you are walking through or a new zone, running, or riding a bike, daily commute or adventure, there is always Lechal. Most interestingly, the Lechal insoles are hand-stitched, soft-soled leather and easy-care microfiber. This makes the whole device waterproof, washable, loss-proof, unbreakable and ready for the hiking trails near me.


The pods are the heart of the Lechal device. These are attachable as buckles or they can stay will the insoles. In all situations, the pod will connect to your phone via Bluetooth without any hassles. The pod sensors are gaining accolades for their great accuracy.

The Product

  • Lechal means that navigation is going to be hands-free without the need of looking at the phone, even in an offline situation.
  • Vibrations and patterns allow you detailed route guidance.
  • Fitness tracking by measuring steps taken, calories, distance, and more
  • The Pods go into the buckles that lace up with most shoes.
  • Battery lasts 15 days on a single charge
  • Fitness data can work in-sync with Apple Health and other fitness apps.
  • Lechal also has the alert feature in case you accidentally leave your phone behind on one of those hiking trails. Therefore, you do not have to keep checking on your phone when you are out enjoying the sightseeing trip.
  • A great feature is the gesture control. With this feature, wearers will have the ability to use gestures such as tilting the foot for tagging locations. A milestone in smart navigation, Lechal will tag for you anything that interests you in your sightseeing journey. These are locations tagged for later use, with easy sharing via the net with friends. It could even be the new trail you have discovered, that you can record for future excursions.
  • The shoes are quite promising as wearable fitness monitor too. Tracking steps, calories, etc.
  • The rechargeable battery goes into the back of the insole or behind the heel of the shoes.

The whole idea of GPS navigation has turned around for good with the coming of Lechal. Navigation is complete and under your hiking boots, leaving your hands and eyes are free to go through the world. This is something Lechal has achieved for all those who like to move around, and all those who like freedom.

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