Don’t Fall For Cheap Tablets So Instantly: Here Is a Checklist of What You Should Know

Since the introduction of tablets in the market, they have become incredibly popular due to their beautiful screens, portable nature, and simplicity of use. There was a time when only big names with big price tags were dominating the tablets market and only an elite few could afford to own one. However, the tables have completely turned since the launch of cheap tablets.

Now the tablets are not only in reach of high-class society, but students, women homemakers and old age people also use them for education and entertainment purposes. Due to the rising popularity, demand, and preference for tablets, manufacturers are trying to incorporate best of the features and technical specifications in their new products keeping them in an affordable range. Today, the market is flooded with android tablets under 5000. Due to the wide availability of low-to-mid range tablet devices, it is quite possible to fall for a wrong deal or to make a wrong investment.

Analyzed below are some of the key checkpoints to keep in mind when buying a cheap tablets:

#1 Operating system

cheap android tablets
Android operating System

A tablet may be used for playing games, viewing videos or running various applications simultaneously. Only an advanced operating system can allow you smooth functioning of these tasks. Apart from the Android and iOS, Windows 8 is also one of the popular operating systems widely available. However, Android Tablets win the popular demand these days as Android is open source and customizable system, offering smooth functioning and comes at affordable prices. Currently, there are so many Android Tablet PCs under 5000 which offer the latest versions with good supporting processors, for example, iZotron Mipad 07, iZotron Mi Hero TAB, iBall Q45 and much more.

#2 Display

cheap tablets

Tablets screen size ranges from 6 to 12 inches. Think about your preference, a small portable device says with a 7” display or a device even though bulky (10” to 12”) will offer you the largest viewing area. The resolution of the display is another important feature to decide when buying low budget tablets because sometimes, they come with good screen size but with a lower resolution which completely spoils the viewing experience. In addition to this, go for screens that are capacitive and have multi-touch functionality.

#3 Camera

best camera android tablet

Budget devices often compromise on the camera features. Some of them have only rear camera while others carry cameras of too low pixels, which spoils your photography experience. Make sure that you at least go for a 5MP rear camera. There are devices that have a good quality 2MP front camera and supports video calling too.

#4 Connectivity

Most tablets come in two versions: WiFi only and with WiFi +3G/4G. In WiFi only devices, you need a WiFi connection to access the internet. While on later ones, you can insert a 3G/4G SIM card and use a mobile network to access devices. If you regularly commute, you should definitely go for later option. On browsing the market, you will realize that there are several Android Tablet PCs which supports the WiFi + 3G/4G connectivity along with Bluetooth and USB features.

#5 Storage

cheapest android tablet

If you want to store a lot of music and movies on your device, you need a good storage option. Go for a tablet that at least offers 8GB of internal storage along with 32 GB of expandable memory.

#6 Budget

Look for the device which offers good features with performance, smooth display and seamless navigation in a budget range. Some very good options that are worth a visit are – iKall N3 tablet, iZotron Mi7 Hero TAB tablet, Micromax Canvas Fantabulet F666 and iZotron Mipad 07. These tablets offer most of the innovative features in this range.

Shopping for cheap tablets can be quite confusing as a wide range of features is available on the various tablets. However, if you have knowledge of the various options and their advantages, you can choose the tablet that best suits your needs and falls within your range.


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