Whatsapp update version lets you pin your favorite contacts on the screen

Whatsapp update version

Whatsapp has become the most popular social media application which is bringing out several new features in order to keep the users stay connected with their mobile application.

Even though the application has faced several disputes before, it comes a bit closer amongst the users. At present, it’s brought back and a brand new feature will arrive soon. Most recently, Whatsapp has launched a new feature which lets users pin their favorite conversation at the top.

Whatsapp beta version

As reported by The Mirror, Whatsapp will now allow the users you pin particular chats to the top of the app, which is accessible for those whose phone is uniformly engulfing in chats. The new feature has not yet arrived for normal app users. But it has emerged for the Whatsapp beta version. It’s likely to appear in the upcoming months.

To pin your favorite chats to the top of your list, all you have to do is press and hold a contact to flag up disparate options. Whatsapp now allows the user to pin the best chats to the top of the list so that users can avoid uninteresting chats.

It is most important to note that, this feature lets you pin three of your favorite conversation to the top of the list. It is not clear whether the update will be exhibited to all the app users. The days of getting to roll through hundreds of Whatsapp chats to stretch the one you’re glancing for could soon be a concept of the past.

Whatsapp is establishing a new feature that allows you pin chats to the top of the list, states that the chats you come again to routinely are more smoothly approachable. The feature is at present being tested in the beta version, and it is not obvious if Whatsapp proceed to establish the feature to all users.

As long as Whatsapp hasn’t expressed on the update up until now, it was basically deteriorated by Android Police, who revealed that Whatsapp beta version is including one more handy little feature known as pinned chats.

To pin a chat to the top of your list, tap and hold on any chat as long as a pin icon emerges in the action bar adjacent to the functions. Most importantly user can pin their chat for only 3 contacts. An alert will be directed once three contacts are pinned to assure you that you can’t pin more than that. Chats at the top of the list once pinned disregarding of how newly you wrote in it. But if you alter your thought, you can unpin one of the chosen three and displace it with some other.

Download the App

To use this new feature, just download the Whatsapp Beta which you can find it on the APK Mirror on the Play Store by accompanying the authorized beta then waiting for the app to be updated. Whatsapp revealed in a recent conversation that it now lets Siri to access your conversation and even react to them rather than having to press a button.

What every user needs to do is to say ‘Hey Siri, just read out my last Whatsapp conversation and it will guide your upcoming notifications, the content of the message with instruction about who transmitted them. This says that you can approach your contacts by chance even though not all the people might like the concepts of their conversation being attacked in public.

In the recent update to the messaging app user’s operating Apple’s iOS software will be capable of grabbing Siri to read out and constitute Whatsapp messages. This updated version might make it much easier for people to notify others while they are in driving or if they can’t pick up their mobile. Users need to provide Siri acknowledgment to make use of Whatsapp.

Somehow, it only reads notifications so it cannot read messages that have been seen already. Beta versions disclose other adjustments like granting users to appoint multiple statuses on the whole. The Calls tab has been recovered and Contact info also has visual adjustments. The two-step verification security feature has also been improved making it much easier for people to make use of it.

Whatsapp was down for two hours which brings inconvenience to the users

It is been a bit of a strange day if you tried to enjoy making use of the internet. Google Docs accomplished an extensive attack, dispatching the internet into extreme confusion.

At present, the most well-known Whatsapp messaging service has turned to Twitter to outlet their disappointment and complete the confusion over the Google Docs aggressions.

Unluckily, it seems like Whatsapp gave up offering the most valuable status reports on when the messaging service is down a few years before. Whatsapp has about 1 billion users, and it’s hugely used worldwide for group chats and as a substitute for SMS in a number of states.

Whatsapp is down comments have been consistent across the globe for the past few days, and a Whatsapp spokesperson disclosed to Reuters the firm is aware of the disruption and is making some efforts to fix it.

Whatsapp testing feature lets users erase sent messages

Whatsapp is working on a feature that lets the user delete awkward chats. That’s in accordance with WABetaInfo, which states that the feature is being verified as part of Whatsapp latest beta release once it is exhibited to the firm’s iOS and Android apps.

The feature will let users edit and ‘send’ messages within five minutes of sending them, in an effort to do away with them from the receiver’s phone once they’ve had a possibility to see it. This is happy news for those who are likely to send images to a wrong person.

It is not yet clear if users will be likely to take back messages which have already been brought and read, even though the damage has been done already. It’s not yet visible when the ‘send’ feature will exhibit to all, but WABetaInfo assures that it will appear soon after Apple’s next iOS release, which is set to debut at WWDC next month.

As it turns up, the feature to be available as a choice, and users will be likely to switch it on and off in Settings. Whatsapp is also testing out a feature, which allows users to retrieve information that alters in real-time. For instance, if you’re trying to meet a friend, the feature will let you share your location and will soon update where you are.

Earlier today, the users of Whatsapp in all parts of the world were not able to make use of Whatsapp for a few hours, a Whatsapp spokesperson said in a statement. But now the issue has been fixed and they regret the inconvenience. Whatsapp publication is likely to coincide with another conversation tech milestone.

Google reveals that Gmail has more than 1 billion active users, even though the verification for calculating activity on an email service is likely to alter from those of a mobile app. Koum seems much pleased with the accomplishment, observing on Twitter how his firm never acquired proper appreciation from Silicon Valley.

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