Facebook Latest News: Europe fined $120m on Facebook for misleading WhatsApp filing

Now Facebook is not just a social media platform where anyone can do chit chats with their acquaintances, now its became a billion dollars company and Mark Zuckerberg stands in top 5 Richest person in the world according to Forbes. So everyone is always curious to know facebook latest news and FB updates. And here we came up with another latest news about Facebook and Whatsapp.

Social media network should not be seen generally as the applications upon which the people post, but significantly as the contents that are posted on these application sites. These contents change significantly from the region to region, which is why a close to the study is an essential one. The way, in which we explain the social media in one place that should not be understood as a normal description of the social media, it is rather a local case.

Social media is now a day a place within which we socialize, not just a means of the communication. Earlier to the social media there was the most part either the private causal media or the public broadcasting media. The system proposes a theory of scalable sociality to display how the social media has settled the space of group sociality between the public and the private. In so doing it has innovative scales which including the size of the group and the degree of the privacy.

Getting begun if you are thinking about the joining a social media site, asks your friend or family member who is well-known with the site to assist set you up and show you some of the general things. It can show a bit involved when you are getting started but once you get used to it you will find it easier to handle. My suggestion is about the Facebook and Whatsapp application because now a day the two applications play an important role in the social media. A small explanation is given and the impact of the both application are explained.

About Facebook platform:

Facebook application Most familiar with everyone, but in case you are not, it’s the similar of a cocktail hour, where you may now and then an assistant with the people you have never met them before, but mainly you hang out with your friends and colleague. You can post on the status updates to let others know what you are doing, what you are thinking, where you’re planned to going, or just about anything else that what you want. You can post the videos and pictures, can join groups or leave the group, join fan pages, put things on the calendar in the application, and so on. Privacy is a related to, but if you’re careful, you don’t really want to worry about the privacy.

About WhatsApp application:

WhatsApp application controls over 50 billion message transfers for a day. So how these ever-lasting sequence of the messages are processed without any hiccups? The key to the easy data processing lies with the message sequence length. The length of the message sequence of all the processes which are associated with a node is watched carefully.

In the case of the multimedia messages, contents which include voice, video, or photos are uploaded into the HTTP server and are connected with the content and then sent to the receiving node which is called receiver in the form of compact one. Based on the preference of the user content can either be viewed or rejected.

Influence of the WhatsApp on Facebook:

Online social networks are recently one of the most famous Internet activities, currently even eclipsing the email usage. More than 2/3 of the universal online population visit and also take part in the activity of social networks, confirming its multinational popularity. Couples of such networking sites which are most famous are the Facebook and the WhatsApp application that everyone knows.

WhatsApp application was introduced in the 2009 five years after the Facebook application and 3 years after the Twitter. Facebook application is still the primary site in this area, but the WhatsApp application is increasing at a faster rate that is more than 1 million registered users a day. If this maintains like, it should reach the 500 million MAU coming in few days. With the 450 million monthly users of the platform and a million more joining each day, WhatsApp platform is just too far advanced in the international mobile messaging service race for the Facebook to come nearer.

Facebook Latest News: Europe fines Facebook over WhatsApp deal

Facebook’s 2014 addition of the messaging application WhatsApp cost 19 billion dollars when it was declared. Now the price tag has been bounced a little more after the European regulators stroked the firm with a €110M i.e. approximately $122M fine for giving incorrect or wrong data at the time of the deal.

Today, the European Commission said that the Facebook platform told it at that time that it could not naturally match the user accounts between its own application and the WhatsApp service yet the firm afterward discloses it would be doing just that.

The controversial change to the privacy policy of the WhatsApp to share the user data which including the mobile phone numbers, with the Facebook which took place in the month of August in the last year and led to the extensive conviction of the privacy U-turn.

In today’s statement, the European Commission said that the Commission has established that, opposite to the statements of the Facebook in the year 2014 merger analysis process, the technical chance of automatically matching the Facebook and the WhatsApp user’s person’s individuality already existed in the year 2014, and that Facebook staffs were aware of such a chance.

This follows a Statement of the Objections to the Facebook platform make clearing the concerns of the commission in last December. Facebook answered to the fine with its own statement and demanding it had made a fault in the year of 2014 when it made the filing to the control.

They also said that they have acted in good hope since our very first communication with the Commission and they have wanted to give accurate information at each and every turn. The fault that they made in our 2014 registration was not deliberate and the Commission has confirmed that they did not affect the result of the merger analysis. Today’s announcement carries this matter to a close.

The EC is not exchanging its decision to clear the WhatsApp application received. However, it’s clear the regulators of the region are waking up to the accruing power of big data assets. And the European data protection agencies’ fast-flowing challenge to the WhatsApp and the Facebook application data sharing quickly suppressed to the Facebook hold off these data progress in the region.

In a statement on fine of today, EU Competition Commissioner Mr. Margrethe Vestager said that the today’s decision sends a clear signal to the firms that they must abide by with all aspects of the EU merger rules which including the responsibility to give the correct information. And it set a balanced and deterrent fine on the Facebook.

The EC further notes that decision of today is independent of either ongoing national antitrust procedures or the privacy, data information protection or the user protection issues, which may increase the following the August in the year 2016 update of the WhatsApp application terms of the service and the privacy policy.

So while the Facebook application is demanding the specific matter is closed, it remaining part to be seen whether the firm will face further regulatory issues which are related to its ownership and the operation of WhatsApp application. In the interval, the firm has confirmed to us that information sharing between the WhatsApp application and the Facebook remains delayed in Europe.

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