How to improve speaker sound quality?

A healthy sound system is a great way to a better user experience. Be it on laptop, PC, car stereo, home audio system or on phone. An updated and user friendly audio system is on the must-to-have check list while making a device purchase. However, more often we have to face the issue a lower sound quality or obsolesce of the inbuilt speakers as the time passes. Below list provides you the tips on how you can improve the sound quality with minimum efforts.

Ways to improve speaker sound quality of a car speaker:

  1. Have a high bit quality music files We often compress the music files, audiobooks and podcasts, most probably to use lesser device’s (device can be phone, I-pod etc.) space. Try not to compress it much if you’re going to listen audio through it from car’s mp3 player. Same with the case of audio output using aux cable or USB. You may notice the sound difference between a high quality file and a lower one when connected to a good speaker.
  2. Opt for a car amplifier Do you have a not-so-happening inbuilt car speaker? Or perhaps you are also a high volume sound lover? Amplifier is one of the most suitable option to serve your need then. Amplifiers are known to add add a lot to the music listening experience. You may opt for an amplifier based on user reviews online depending on your car. From a low range to higher one, it comes in all variants to best fit the consumer’s taste.

Ways to improve speaker sound quality of laptop:

  1. Software settings There are few internal sound setting modifications you can make to enhance the sound quality. General ones shall include increasing the volume and using media equalizer. This can improve the sound up to an extent without indulging an extra cost. Downloading software like VLC Media player, DFX audio enhancer etc., can also aid to the purpose. VLC media player is popularly known for enhancing the sound up to 400 times the default volume.
  2. Externalspeakers This is another most common way to get the best out of the default laptop speaker.  The top rated speakers include both Wireless Bluetooth speakers and the ones with sub woofers to be connected by USB. Now, it depends all on you which type you want to prefer. If you’re willing your room to be filled up with sound like that of a home theater, then surround sound quality system speakers like sound blaster x7 can be one option.

Ways to improve speaker sound quality of Computer:

  1. Install sound boosters There are numerous sound boosters available online for enhancing the default speaker quality of computer. The options include free as well as paid ones. Top rated sound booster include Breakaway audio enhancer, Sound Pimp audio enhancer among others. There are versions available suitable for different Operating systems like on Mac, Versions of Window etc.
  2. Upgrade the existing speakers  Like a software upgrade on phone and computers, upgrading default speakers helps in fixing the technical software issues. Upgradation mainly aims for fixing the previous bugs or cons in a software and also to add the pros thereby enhancing the user experience.

Ways to improve speaker sound quality and home audio system:

  1. Setting up the right room acoustics Acoustic here refers to the properties of the room where the system will be set up. It is important to consider this fact because lack of an apt room acoustic can hamper the sound quality of an audio system or vice-versa. Too many hard surfaces, no hard surface at all, high ceiling are the quality sound blockers.
  2. Using high quality sound wires This refers to the cables used for connecting the audio system with speakers etc. One must-to-have feature of a good quality cable can be its thickness and the ability to deliver justified amount of current. However, do remember that cost is not a measure of a better quality. Choose smarter.
  3. Placing of speakers This can be the general case with wireless laptop-computer speakers as well as home audio system. Correct placement of speakers not only enhances the listener’s experience but it can also make you feel in action in case of surround sound system. Placing the speakers on height which is approximately 5 feet in case of a home audio system is recommended.

End note to the reader

Above mentioned ways are best ones to try till there’s a severe technical or physical damage to the device’s speaker. For majority of cases, the information serves as a ready to have dish on plate. You may look over the various options basis on your requirement and the tips so mentioned for getting the max improvement in your device’s sound. Have a happy time improving!