Why Should Web Developers Choose Node.js Web Development Projects?

Ever since its launch, Node.js has been attracting many web developer’s attention. It is a great choice for real-time application as it is a JavaScript runtime environment which is cross-platform and is open source also.

With JavaScript effectiveness, NodeJS Web Application Development becomes a potential option for developers to create networking tools and web servers efficiently. Plus, its applications are compatible with many servers like Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, etc.

With so many features, it is hard for Node.js to go unnoticed by the developer for web application development.

Here are some major reasons for why developers should choose Node.js for future web development.

1) The Advantage of the same language in the building process

Node.js offers performance and stability with its performant and lightweight framework which is compatible with many other technologies like Redis and MongoDB. These are the two of the technologies that go hand in hand with Node.js. Apart from these two, it can be used with wide variety of platforms also.

If a developer is working on Java, the specification has to be written in a data format which supports programming logic i.e. in XML format. Switching between these two languages is not only hectic but time-consuming also.

The developer must jump between Java and XML format while building any application. Node.js has removed this drawback with its same language build process which is easy and time-saving.

2) It is easy and fast

Node.js being written on JavaScript is easy to operate and it uses Google’s V8 engine which makes it incredibly fast. Almost all kinds of web applications are easier to prototype that too in a shorter time when compared to other platforms. As it provides its own web server module, the web developer doesn’t require to have the knowledge about setting up Apache or NGINX.

3) Node Package Manager (NPM)

Node Package Manager (NPM) is a Node.js standard method for sharing codes among communities. It has its own database of 50,000 packages which help developers in creating a web application and effective solutions. With other community modules, developers can build an effective running application in just a few hours.

4) A great choice for real-time applications

Node.js offers so many incredible features which makes it a good option when developing real-time applications like gaming and chat apps. Also, for non-block driven and event-based servers Node.js can be a good choice. Many renowned platforms like PayPal, Linkedin, eBay, etc are developed through Node.js.

5) Cost efficient

Node.js saves developers from extra hardware cost with its high performance. One can easily achieve 5000 response per second on a regular office-oriented laptop. Furthermore, Node.js saves any setup and maintenance cost for NGINX or Apache as it doesn’t need a connection between TCP or HTTP with some other server language.

6) Compatibility with JSON format

Due to the lengthiness of Java codes to convert into Java objects and even configuration of tools takes a lot of time. JSON format is adopted by many developers for fast web application development. In Node.js there is no requirement for any JSON parser as the return data in Node.js is in JSON format.

7) Node.js is universal

Node.js offers scalable, secure and well-supported development framework which is a crucial requirement for any enterprise development platform. The major reason why many developers are choosing Node.js is that it allows them to write on both server and browser-side. It is much easier and time efficient to write on both side on JavaScript rather than to write on Java and then go for JavaScript later.

8) Node.js is a perfect fit for database queries

Node.js is upgrading really fast, the best thing about it is that most of the developers using it can master the framework themselves. All they need is basic knowledge of it. When it comes to compatibility with newer databases, Node.js is a better option over other languages as there is no need for memorizing any syntax differences.


Node.js is the next step towards web application development. With so many advantages over other languages like same language build process, return data in the JSON format, compatibility with newer database and much more. Many developers will adopt Node.js for their upcoming web development projects.

Another reason for developers to use Node.js would be to adapt to the framework of it with only baseline knowledge. It would be wise to adopt Node.js for better, time-saving and cost-efficient web application development.