How to Spy on Samsung Galaxy S8 Mobile with Monitoring Application

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile, is more of a misadventure than a fortune for those who are doubtful of their partner having an extramarital affair.  The Samsung Galaxy S8 contains more ways than ever to get the infidelity clues concealed.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Launching news and Specifications

In addition to PIN and Passwords, there is finger print recognition and facial recognition to unlock the phone, iris scanning and defense grade security that look out your smartphone round-the-clock. All these security features make it impossible for you to sneak into the Galaxy S8 of your cheating partner.

To the delight of suspicious spouses, concerned parents and cynical entrepreneurs, yes you can spy on the latest Samsung Galaxy S8. Whatsoever your husband and children are doing on their extravagant smartphones can be tracked with an inexpensive mobile phone monitoring application. With TheOneSpy Samsung Galaxy S8 monitoring app, you can supervise the activities of your significant ones tracking their Galaxy smartphones.

How to Monitor Samsung Galaxy S8

You need to download and install the monitoring application on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Once you install the app on the target phone, you will never need to access it again for checking any activity of your husband or children. The app automatically uploads the information stored on the Galaxy S8 to an online account. From photo gallery to call logs and social media chats, there is nothing you cannot monitor.

As well as monitoring, you can even control the Galaxy smartphone without having any physical contact. Simply log into the TOS user control panel providing the secret username and password and watch out every activity performed on the Galaxy S8.

Read on to know how you can spy on a Samsung Galaxy S8 using the monitoring application.

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Read Messages and Listen to Calls

The Samsung Galaxy S8 monitoring application allows you to read the text messages and MMS send or received on the Galaxy phone. You can view the message content and phone number of the sender and receiver of those messages logging into your online account. Similarly, you can listen to all the incoming and outgoing calls, record and intercept these calls. You can track the name and phone number of the person who made the call or to whom the call was made as well as the duration and timestamp of each call.

Social Media and Internet Monitoring

The tracking application allows you to track the activities performed on social media and instant messaging apps including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Viber, Kik, Yahoo and more. If your husband and children are using any dating app like Tinder, you can get to know what they are communicating there and with whom. In addition to social networking platforms, the complete web browsing history of your family can be tracked to detect what they are up to on the internet.

Track Real-time GPS Location

The Galaxy S8 monitoring app allows you to track the exact GPS location of your target in real-time. Also, you can have the GPS location history to check out where your target has traveled to in a certain time period. This feature is useful in case your children lose their luxurious smartphone somewhere.

Record Surrounding Scenes and Sounds

If your spouse or teenagers are enjoying private parties somewhere out of your knowledge, you can send a command to their Galaxy S8 to capture photos and record short videos of them to let you know where they are and what they are doing. The photos and videos will be stored on your online account from where you can download them.

Discover the Photos and Videos

Does your husband or children never leave their mobile photo gallery unlocked? The Galaxy S8 Spy app lets you discover the photos, videos, voice recordings and music files stored on the target mobile phone. Whether deleted or hidden, you can retrieve each and every multimedia file stored on the hard drive of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Remotely Control Samsung Galaxy S8 Mobile

The monitoring app allows you to control the target Samsung device. You can lock or unlock the phone; block or uninstall the undesired apps; block incoming calls from unknown sources, and block texting and internet connection to prevent mobile phone use during driving.

The monitoring application is not just intended to spy on the Samsung Galaxy S8 but you can track every Samsung device and many other popular mobile phone brands running Android, iOS, and Blackberry operating system.