Temok Review: Best Rated Shared Hosting Provider

Hosting is the most vital aspect of owning or starting a website, as hosting is what gives people access to your website. As websites are a growing business niche presently, there is a lot of demand for hosting companies and the competition is pretty huge in terms of price, disc space, packages, etc.

Temok is one such top-quality hosting websites that provide you with various additional benefits other than merely hosting. These additional services include domain registration, domain name suggestions, etc.

Temok has been reviewed quite positively with great ratings. A lot of users feel that Temok stays ahead of the competition and never lags behind even during times of heavy traffic. Temok’s customer service team also seems to be pretty impressive and dedicated to their work.

Its reliability and uptime have also been rated pretty well. More than any particular feature standing out to attract users, the overall performance is what has gained their trust. Technical assistance is given on time, without any delay and users are given priority in Temok.

Being rated 8.3 stars out of 10(customers at hostadvice.com), there is no doubt whatsoever in the functioning of Temok.  The server locations are spread across countries like the USA, Netherlands, and Russia.

Temok Review: Comparisons of Plans & Features with other Hosting Providers

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Now, at this juncture, it is important to know about shared hosting. Every hosting provider offers different kinds of hosting services such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, virtual private servers, etc. In shared web hosting, the hosting service provider would serve pages for multiple websites.

Here, service is not limited to a single website and hence, there would be a domain name allotted to every site. Shared hosting considerably cuts down on costs and the only issue which might be difficult to handle is traffic. However, Temok is a known expert at handling and directing traffic too. Shared hosting is done both using Linux hosting and Windows hosting.

Temok has a lot of competitors like GoDaddy, HostGator and Media Temple which are also quite efficient. But somewhere or the other, Temok tends to overtake them all in various respects. Let’s analyze and summarize different aspects of shared web hosting packages for all these four service providers.

HostGator has three distinct plans for three separate purposes: Hatchling plan, Baby plan, and Business plan. The prices and features change from plan to plan also depending upon the duration of the plan. Media Temple, on the other hand, provides three different plans named personal, pro and elite. They serve various needs. For instance, the first plan offers 20GB SSD storage at a rate of $20/mo.

Whereas the second plan gives 100GB SSD storage at a price of $30/mo. Similarly, these plans vary in multiple aspects like sites and bandwidth. GoDaddy has four different packs, and all of them are currently on sale. These packages are identified by the names Starter, Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate. They differ in terms of websites, bandwidth, price, etc.


Last, we will discuss about similar kinds of plans provided by Temok and the distinction. There are four plans offered by Temok, in general. They’re distinguished on the basis of price.The main highlight of all packages provided by Temok is that free setup comes with all packages regardless of other features. Another important aspect is that unlimited bandwidth, sub domains, and parked domains are a part of all packages indistinctively.

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The only difference between these packages is that the first plan gives you a storage space of 50GB. With every higher level plan, 50GB of storage space is provided additionally. The Starter USA plan comes at a rate of $2.99 for three years, and the premium USA plan comes at a price of $4.99 for three years.

The Business USA plan comes at a rate of $6.99 for three years, and the USA pack comes for a price of $7.99 for three years. Overall, this is the main reason why people tend to incline towards Temok when it comes to hosting. On top of these brilliant schemes, you can experience the pinnacle of technical assistance with the customer service department of Temok’s.

Other than all this, you can also build and develop your website with the aid of Temok within a period of 5 days. It hardly takes any time. All these features add on to the reliability and visibility part of the reviews.



This in turn makes it much better than its competitor hosting websites like HostGator, GoDaddy and Media Temple. You must check out Temok to know about more such features that would appear as highly flexible and interesting. Hence according to the comparison done above in terms of various aspects, Temok offers you unlimited features at an affordable price while the other services are either expensive or don’t match with the amazing features and storage space provided by Temok. Temok is also known for other hosting services like dedicated hosting, VPS, domain registration, etc. Do check out Temok.

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